Tuesday, December 16, 2014

25 Liters of Marijuana

We planned to have a special guest Sabbath meeting in a small village called Njoo mlole (which means come and see.)  Many people were invited to attend and they came to the meetings.  We were very thankful for all those who came.  The people that came included village leadership and members and leadership from Sunday churches.  They wanted to come and hear what we are teaching and preaching.            

During the preaching, one man by the name of Denis was brought in by a group of people.  He was brought to the meetings to disturb the attention of people and cause confusion. He was smoking marijuana and making lots of noise.  Many people were laughing at his behavior instead of stopping him.   But after a while he kept quiet and began listening to the message. Then he left.
After sometime he came back.   And with him, he brought 25 litres of marijuana!  He asked me to burn it publicly, so I did.  He then took off his charms after a prayer and they also were burned.  He went on to say that other charms were in his stomach and "how can they get out of me?"   I offered another prayer for him.  Then he professed publicly that "from today onwards, I accept Jesus and his Sabbath day and want to be a Seventh-day Adventist."

Two other smokers said if Denis had made decision to follow Jesus, they were going to follow Jesus, too.  That day 10 people accepted Jesus and His Truth of the Bible.

After all this, the village chairman asked for an opportunity to speak.  He said what Denis has done is a great thing. We as leaders of this village have failed to stop this man from smoking marijuana with all our efforts.  But through the power of the Word of God, it has been possible for him to let go of this bad lifestyle.  Please build a church in this village so that we, too may worship the One True God.
When his father heard that Denis had burned his charms, he said he would wait and see if Denis would be okay without them.  He said that if he is "okay" without his charms, he, too will join to be a Christain and come to church.
The church has not been built yet, but we are hoping to get a church built in this village.
Please pray for these people and for the many other people.
Daud S.is working in Chengena village.