Tuesday, December 16, 2014

25 Liters of Marijuana

We planned to have a special guest Sabbath meeting in a small village called Njoo mlole (which means come and see.)  Many people were invited to attend and they came to the meetings.  We were very thankful for all those who came.  The people that came included village leadership and members and leadership from Sunday churches.  They wanted to come and hear what we are teaching and preaching.            

During the preaching, one man by the name of Denis was brought in by a group of people.  He was brought to the meetings to disturb the attention of people and cause confusion. He was smoking marijuana and making lots of noise.  Many people were laughing at his behavior instead of stopping him.   But after a while he kept quiet and began listening to the message. Then he left.
After sometime he came back.   And with him, he brought 25 litres of marijuana!  He asked me to burn it publicly, so I did.  He then took off his charms after a prayer and they also were burned.  He went on to say that other charms were in his stomach and "how can they get out of me?"   I offered another prayer for him.  Then he professed publicly that "from today onwards, I accept Jesus and his Sabbath day and want to be a Seventh-day Adventist."

Two other smokers said if Denis had made decision to follow Jesus, they were going to follow Jesus, too.  That day 10 people accepted Jesus and His Truth of the Bible.

After all this, the village chairman asked for an opportunity to speak.  He said what Denis has done is a great thing. We as leaders of this village have failed to stop this man from smoking marijuana with all our efforts.  But through the power of the Word of God, it has been possible for him to let go of this bad lifestyle.  Please build a church in this village so that we, too may worship the One True God.
When his father heard that Denis had burned his charms, he said he would wait and see if Denis would be okay without them.  He said that if he is "okay" without his charms, he, too will join to be a Christain and come to church.
The church has not been built yet, but we are hoping to get a church built in this village.
Please pray for these people and for the many other people.
Daud S.is working in Chengena village.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Priest Confirmed the Truth in His Church

One day I was caught by surprise when I was told by members of a Catholic church that they have been told that what I was teaching them was the truth.  I asked them what specifically they were talking about.  They answered it was about the change of the Sabbath and the day that people worship!

The story they told me continued like this.  The priest was preaching in his church.  As he preached we were so amazed to hear him tell us that there are three days remembered in the world for worship, but only one day is the one God chose.  We were all waiting to know which day is that was! Then he continued saying that day is Saturday.   He said that those who are keeping the Sabbath are true followers of the Bible. 

Many people from other religions and churches are more open to the truth than ever before.
Please pray for the work in Idodi as we continue to spread the gospel message.
We have 21 people studying the Bible with us and six are ready for baptism.  

This is Mr.  & Mrs.  Amos L.in Idodi village.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sad News

Sunday as we were leaving we got news about one of the lay evangelist.  His wife died during the night.  She was at the hospital, and she had been having health issues for a time.  I don't know what they were.  I just am relaying what I was told. 
One of the staff had left very early in the morning to go get the body from the hospital and bring it back to his village to be buried. 
Dead is a common but very unwelcome thing here.  It seems like there is a funeral all the time.
Please pray for our evangelist.  They are working for the harvest of souls, and their work costs them everything.  Thank you.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prison Ministry

Matthew 25:44  Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

From  Mama Kikula:  "Visiting people in prisons is one of the opportunities I have witnessed and seen its blessings.   I am able to meet people of different back grounds and and different attitudes, all  gathered together in prison.  Some of these people are sentenced to serve for life (never to be free again,)  some for many years, and some are still in the trial process. In addition to this, we meet a largbe number of people from different religions and belief systems.  This last year I work in visiting 4 prisons. 
This is a sample of the work in just one prison.  We gave 70 "Voice of Prophecy" Bible studies, 18 Discovery Bible studies, gave out 24 Bibles, and 215 books.  Seventeen people accepted Jesus through baptism this last year.
More information will come in five months to come.

The people in these prisons need more course studies and your prayers for encouragement and hope.

Amina Kikula (one of our lay evanglists second from left in the cap) is prison ministry director and she is with her team members.

"We give thanks to Kibidula family Development international for the willingness to give the contribution towards this ministry. Although we have I big load to carry we pray that the Lord will help to reach the unreached in prison. We need $1200 per year from Kibidula."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Demoniac

From Felix:
Have you ever in your life met a demoniac person (openly demon possessed?) Have you been involved in praying for such a person as this for a week?  Do you know the smell of demons? It is incomparable to anything else you know.

I went and visited a very scary demoniac person that was known by the whole village as being such.  Some have died and others have went through much troubles because of his demons.
My first visit this man was to develop a friendship.
But the second time I cam to visit, the demons were very furious when I arrived.  I had a Discovery Bible course study to give to him.  When he began reading the demons stopped him.  They  threatened him that they were going we are going to kill one of us!
On the third visit we asked if we could pray together.  He was very happy for the prayers and was hoping that his restless type of life will stop. And he started to get peace.  He was then able to study the Discovery Bible course and even read the bible.

On another occasion we invited a choir from another location to come for a special program.  Many people from the village including this man were invited for the special singing and service.  While he listened to songs, the demons started to disturb him, and told him that he should get away from this place.  Several people and I came together with him and prayed together for him.
We had special prayer sessions for this man for a week.  We give praise to God because Jesus has set him free in answer to our prayers.
Now he is a happy church member, free from the harassment of the devils.  And now the villagers also are happy and praising the Lord for the radical change of this person.
Currently I have 12 people studying the Bible with me, 4 people are ready for baptism, and 28 church members are now in this place.
Please pray for the work continuing in  Kwatwanga village.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Felix M working in Kwatwanga village.

Please pray for these Front-Line Missionary Workers.  They need your prayers and support.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We Lived in the Church

Life is not always a bed of roses.  Sometime it is full of thorns. To survive we must bend with the wind; only dead ones are stiff and can not bend.  They break.

God called us to be lay missionaries in a place that we we did not know.  When we arrived, we found that there were lots of challenges in this new place including the following: a small house, it was very hot, the river has crocodiles, there are monkeys in the trees, there is no garden, and for crossing the river  it had to be done by canoe.  Even with all these challenges we knew God called us to serve Him in this location.

We lived in that small house that we rented for three months when the owner of the house came back and asked us to leave.  We didn’t know where to go.   With no other answers, we decided to move in the church hoping to be there only for a short time.   We ended up staying  for four months.
We made bricks to build a house but it took a long time to finish the house and to get it ready to live in. The biggest challenge was each Friday and Saturday.  People would come to the church for Sabbath opening and on Sabbath day.  We had to get out early in the morning to make the church clean and ready for services.  So all of our things we took out and put under the tree waiting to take them back in after the sunset.

God helped us to continue to work even though we had many trials.  Now God has moved us to a new location and we thank God that he worked through Kibidula to provide metal roofing sheets to finish a place so we could could have a place to live in the new location.
We thank God for his protection and caring for us.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. now working in Nyawenzi.

God Still Gives Miraculous Healings!

Alfonsi is a young man of 17 years of age. He is still living with his mother. This young man developed a bad problem from his feet to loin.  He was taken to the clinic for help but nothing was helping him with his problem.  After receiving care from doctors for a long time without any relief, he was taken to the witch-doctor.  Even with this, there was no improvement and they lost all hope.   They returned home to wait for his death.
Just after this time of losing hope, it happened that I started visiting the houses in that area.  When I started in that area, I didn’t know anything about their problem.  I believe God purposely brought me to that specific house at that time.
Alfonsi was unable to walk, so anytime that I wanted to do anything to help him, I had to come to the house since he could not go anywhere.
It was a very difficult time for his mother.   With Alfonsi laying nearby, I had a conversation with his mother.  She told me that nothing could be done to save the life of her son.
When I heard her say this, I told her of the stories in the Bible of how Jesus dealt the people of different circumstances if life.
When they heard about Jesus, their hope began to grow  and there were waiting for that miracle to come to them.  I asked the young man if he believe in Jesus and that will heal him. He said, "Yes, I believe."  We had a session of prayer session before I left.
The next day after these happenings when I arrived at his home, I saw him seated leaning against the wall of the house.
Then, the third day when I came,  I didn’t find him home at all.
I asked his mother, "What happened?"
She began by telling me that he had walked to go to river... by himself ...walking.
God still answers the prayers of faith and gives hope to those who seek Him.
This young man is now healed and continuing with his daily activities.
He and his family are really happy knowing that God is able to bring hope to people.
Now we are having good Bible studies with them and continue to pray with them.
Please pray for the work that is continuing in Ntungwa village.

Mr. &  Mrs. Erick S. in Ntungwa village.